How much GROWTH are you sacrificing by adding
layers of security?

High drop-off rates in user onboarding?

Some even have >50% drop-off rates during user onboarding

OTPs and passwords resulting in poor Customer eXperience?

Friction in customer onboarding impacts revenue growth

Your users concerned about identity theft?

Identity theft is one of the biggest security threats while online

Threats from vulnerability of OTPs/passwords?

SMS exploits & password re-use are serious threats!

BEST user experience with HIGHEST security!

User onboarding solutions

Experience OTP-less, Password-less paradigm with highest security!

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Threat management solutions

Protect and prevent from threats arising from OTP hacks, password theft, device hacks and more!

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Fraud Management for Telecom MVAS

Multi-fenced fraud management solution built for Telecom MVAS using spatial cryptography and machine intelligence. Deployed by major telecom players in different countries

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Easy Integration - Widget, SDK, APIs and more!

Choose what works best for you. We also provide custom solutions to aid seamless deployment

No OTP, No Password, No Frustration

Deployed by Enterprises in Multiple Countries


BILLION Authentications


MILLION bot attacks prevented


THOUSAND Frauds prevented

00 %

Defense grade Spatial Cryptography

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