Use cases for key industry verticals

Industry Verticals

AShield for Key Industry Verticals

Mobile E-commerce

Mobile e-commerce companies face user experience issues along with security challenges such as account takeover, price scraping bots, automated new account creation, inventory blocking and more!


BFSI (Banking Financial Services and Insurance)

BFSI faces several challenges such as account takeovers, identity theft and adding layers of security complicates user experience severely.



Fraudulent activation of value added services cause customer dissatisfaction and churn.


New-age mobile-first Edutech, Media & Entertainment and other

Companies across different verticals are looking to acquire new customers who may be semi-educated and seamless onboarding and login experience is key!

Inudstry verticals

BEST Customer Experience with HIGHEST Security for
Key Industry Verticals

On-board users without OTP, CAPTCHA or Passwords

Customer onboarding experience is critical to reduce drop-off rates. Traditional methods such as CAPTCHAs and OTPs create more friction in user journey. AShield SDK solution provides secure and frictionless one click onboarding for mobile devices.

Price Scraping

Competitors may scrape prices and discounts to undercut prices and drive their sales, generally done by automated bots. AShield bot protection techniques using spatial cryptography can prevent bots from scraping content from your web sites

Account Take Overs

ATO attacks are used to illegitimately gain access. Two Factor Authentication using OTPs have also been compromised by protocol vulnerabilities. AShield algorithms combined with custom crypto challenges make account takeovers virtually impossible

Phishing Attacks

Fraudsters obtain sensitive information by faking user's identity. AShield combines adaptive security and automated 2-Factor authentication making phishing attacks ineffective.

Fraudulent Transactions

SMS based OTPs can be intercepted by exploiting vulnerabilities in signaling protocol. Also, malwares can make PIN based authentication ineffective, leading to fraudulent transactions. AShield automatic mobile verification combined with spatial cryptography provides best user experience with highest security.

Fraudulent MVAS Activation

Advanced attacks such as APT, I-Frame Masking, Malware are used to carry out fraudulent activations without user consent. This can lead to loss of customers, reduction in MVAS revenue and high regulatory fines. Ashiled threat detection and spatial cryptography based images protect from such frauds

Inventory Blocking

HTML buttons can be triggered by bots which can prevent users from buying products by continuously blocking inventory. AShield bot protection can render a crypto image instead, thereby deterring bots from manipulating inventory.

Create New Account fraud

Bots create fake accounts leading to platform abuse, high operational cost & infra misuse. AShield blocks bots and protects against such threats

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