Threat Management as a Service (TMaaS)


Online businesses are confronted with cyber threats of various degrees, such as price scraping, phishing attacks, fraudulent activations, inventory blocking or even account takeovers.

The traditional threat management solutions add layers of securrity and impact revenue, user growth and even increase user churn.

AShield solution is built on both deterministic and probabilistic techniques and the threats are blocked at three fences, one of which is AI/ML based. User behavior patterns are profiled and suspicious behavior is flagged. Any anomaly caused within the IP or telecom network is detected and based on severity, appropriate fraud score is applied and policies are enforced.

Key Features of Threat Management as a Service (TMaaS)


Detect threats and reduce the time of attack, in turn reducing damage. Detection happens in multiple fences thus covering most threats


Reduce volume of attack by blocking threats before they affect the organization. Multi-fenced approach ensures various threats are caught at different stages


Identify key user and session parameters and enforce policies on detection of threats. Crypto challenges are thrown only when a potential threat is detected.


ML model continuously learns from good and bad user patterns. The prediction is used to enforce a challenge. This fence catches anomalies that may not have been caught by deterministic techniques

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