Fraud Management

Fraud Management for Telecom MVAS


Mobile VAS market faces huge challenges due to automated attacks and fraudulent transactions.

Advanced and sophisticated bots carry out fraudulent subscriptions on behalf of mobile users, without their knowledge, by simulating consent. Traditional solutions increase user friction and user drop offs.

AShield provides a comprehensive fraud management system that combines deterministic and probabilistic techniques to uniquely address such threats. AShield eliminates frauds in MVAS and also helps the telecom operators grow their MVAS business by simplifying user experience

Key Features of Fraud Management for Telecom MVAS

Zero Trust Approach

AShield Fraud Management Solution ensures that every subscription request is analyzed for threats and mitigates threats by throwing a crypto challenge when necessary

Eliminate Frauds

AShield multi-fenced approach filters various threats at each fence. The final fence, built with ML also checks for newly learnt patterns which may be missed with traditional methods

Spatial Cryptography

The visual crypto challenges thrown to the suspected users are easy on humans but tough on bots! Spatial cryptography combined with proprietary algorithms make the images user-friendly and customizable

AI/ML Engine for fraud pattern recognition

Trained with millions of records of good and fraud patterns, the machine learning model is built to catch the patterns deterministic approaches may have missed.

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