Digital Identity as a Service (IDaaS)


Current authentication mechanisms are not user-friendly and are also open to attacks.

Captcha and multi-factor authentication with SMS OTP add layers of security and negatively impact user experience.

Also, they open themselves to account takeover attacks, bot attacks and more!

AShield removes friction in registration and login without compromising security. Spatial cryptography technology not only helps in preventing bot attacks but also provides single click login experience. Auto-detection of customer identity protects user from vulnerabilities associated with passwords and SMS based OTPs

Key Features of Identity as a Service (IDaaS)

Remove user friction without worrying about security vulnerabilities

AShield removes user friction associated with captcha and SMS based OTPs

Spatial Cryptography to the rescue

AShield Authentication uses quantum immune encryption which is way ahead of other standards currently available

Automatic Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

AShield detects unique users and devices while ensuring secure and seamless user authentication with minimal user inconvenience.

Distributed crypto-shares

AShield offers a registration and authentication method, with non-reusable, dynamic and secure crypto shares

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