Are Additional Security Checks Affecting the Customer Experience on your Mobile App?

High drop-off rates in user onboarding?

OTPs result in Drop-Off rates of 18-24%

OTPs and passwords resulting in poor Customer eXperience?

Friction in customer onboarding impacts revenue growth

Your users concerned about identity theft?

Digital Identity theft is one of the biggest security threats

Threats from vulnerability of OTPs/passwords?

SMS exploits & password re-use are common place & are starting points for most Data Breaches!

BEST user experience with HIGHEST security!

Boost Your Revenue

Eliminate Revenue Leakages due to poor Customer Experience & Grow your Business free from frictional barriers

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Enhance Your Customer Acquisition Rates

Reduce your onboarding experience to just 1 User Click. Eliminate Customer Drop-Off, Reduce your Marketing Spend & Provide your Customers with a Delightful Experience.

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Secure your Customers with Real-Time Threat Management throughout their Journey

AI/ML with Advanced Spatial Cryptography working Invisible to the Customer & in Real-Time, secures your platform from Bots, Malwares & RATs, while enhancing Customer Experience in the process.

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Integrate AShield with Your App with Ease

SaaS-based Models with Widget, SDK, APIs & more. Choose what works best for you. We also provide Custom, Hybrid options, to aid in seamless deployment.

Watch this short video to see how you can provide Revenue-Boosting Customer Experience with Robust Security for your Mobile App

Deployed by Enterprises in Multiple Countries


BILLION Authentications


MILLION bot attacks prevented


THOUSAND Frauds prevented

00 %

Defense grade Spatial Cryptography

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